Hand Washing and Shampoo

Washing your bike sounds pretty straight forward right? Well the internet is full of people arguing about the right way to do it so we've had a go at laying out the steps one by one for you.

Washing Your Bike By Hand

Bikes and scooters tend to be dirtier at the bottom for obvious road adjacency reasons so many people start off at the top and end with the back wheel/swingarm. Make sure to pay some attention to the under tail area as well, especially if a rear hugger isn't fitted, as this area can take a lot of abuse.

The top to bottom/front to back general approach keeps the washing sponge cleaner for longer and the water dripping down the bike gives you a head start with the worst grime at the bottom. If you don't have a centre stand fitted propping up the side stand a bit to get the bike near vertical can help ensure both sides get equal attention. It's also worth doing this job in the shade if you can because the sun can dry the wet soap before it has a chance to do its thing.

There are loads of different soaps and shampoos out there you can use, all claiming to do the best job but if you would like to know which are really the best best we recommend asking Petrolhead Detailing. They really know their stuff, use these products every day at their detailing HQ and are Gtechniq certified. Check out this quick video from Motorcyclist Magazine:

Motorbike Detailing Stages