General Protection

Protecting your perfect finish on the painted bits is easy enough but what about the engine and drive chain? That's where products like ACF-50 and XCP come in.

Protecting The Bike

ACF-50 is kind of short for Active Thin Fluid Film Chemistry. It's a bit like a premium aircraft grade WD-40 when used as an anti-corrosion spray and binds to the surface of the material being protected, but like WD-40 it literally gets everywhere so plan well ahead or have some fine art brushes handy! Cost wise it isn't that cheap but over the long term it may well save you some pounds replacing rusted parts and should help to keep the value of the bike on the used market.

The spray (or the spray used as a paint with a brush) is best applied to a really clean bike before Winter to add a base layer of protection from salt and grime and it should last a good 6 months after application however it really is a base layer and should be applied to a bike's non-contact surfaces once in its cleanest state. The engine is a good contender but watch out for a little bit of smoke post-coat as the oil based ACF-50 coating vaporises with the heat.

A new contender for the ACF-50 crown is XCP, which is well worth a look. Check out this video from BikeSocial comparing all the options:

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