Chain Maintenance

An average bike engine generates as much power as a family car yet lays it down on the tarmac with half the wheel count. The chain delivers all that power so it's important to look after it.

Clean And Lube The Chain

Once the whole bike has been cleaned and dried it's time to lube the chain again. Popping the bike on a rear paddock stand really helps because the wheel and chain can be moved easily by hand.

Apply your chain lube of choice then hold a really old duster/rag against both axes of the chain and run it all the way through to wipe off any excess. If there is too much it will just spray all over the rear of the bike.

If you are lubing the chain without a full clean of the bike as well then use some Kerosene (Paraffin/WD-40) and a stiff hand brush applied to the bottom/top/sides of the chain while it's fully rotated to give a good clean first.

Alternatively you could invest in something like a Scottoiler system to automatically keep the chain lubricated and it's one less thing to think about. Check out this video from The Workshop:

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Scottoiler Systems