Detailing Brushes

Many bikes are covered in intricate and tricky to clean bits, even more so if they designed to look really good. Luckily there's a specific brush available for each bit!

Detailing Brushes

Owning specific brushes for detailing is about as extreme as it gets however bikes, unlike cars, have a cunning mixture of panels, leathers, textiles and engine parts all open to the elements and to make things worse the tricky areas are often intricate dirt traps purely to make the bike look cooler e.g. engine cooling fins or wire spoked wheels.

There's a brush for everything though so have a good search and find a set that are ideal for your bike. Some look like paint brushes of various sizes, some like feather dusters and some like folded over cloths or large toothbrushes.

Motorbike Detailing Stages